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Australian Capital Territory RESCA
2019 Finalists
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Congratulations to the winners  in 2019
2019 Finalists
Mark Westhorp
Mark is a member of ACT Ambulance Service and has been selected as a finalist for his outstanding efforts working with vulnerable people. The nomination for Mark identified the way he brings a smile to the face of patients and those around him. He has volunteered to support with people with disabilities. Whether transporting people to hospital, or even to palliative care, Mark’s manner with people who are unwell and the way he engages a great example of someone who goes out of his way to make others’ lives that much better.
Robert Wiggins
Robert is an intensive care paramedic with the ACT Ambulance Service. In his day job he responds to triple zero calls, administers medication, manages treatment while people are transported to hospital. However, Robert uses his skills much more broadly having over many years volunteered with organisations like Rural Fire Services, State Emergency Services and Scouting. He was an Army Reservist for over a decade and has played an important role in many local, national and international emergencies including searching for missing people in the Snowy Mountains and providing support after the Christchurch earthquake.

Sebastian Boehm
Sebastian is a Senior Firefighter at Ainslie Fire Station as well as being a qualified fire investigator with ACT Fire & Rescue. He has a number of other specialist qualifications including being qualified to deliver training in Basic Life Support (Advanced First Aid), as well as in the wearing and operating of breathing apparatus, where he trains firefighters and members of other services. Sebastian has a long association with Camp Quality providing support for kids with cancer and volunteers as a camp leader with responsibility for over a hundred participants. He has also organised an auction of “a firefighter for a day” in 2018 and 2019 to raise funds for Camp Quality.
Matthew Buchtmann
Matthew is a Senior Firefighter with ACT Fire and Rescue and is a trained fire investigator. He is currently the Community Fire Unit (CFU) Support Officer responsible, as part of a small team, for training over eight hundred CFU volunteers as a support to ACT Fire & Rescue at emergencies. As a volunteer he has raised money to fight Motor Neurone Disease through the challenging firefighters “Firies Climb for Motor Neurone Disease” charity as well as through a range of BBQs, trivia nights and auctions across Canberra. He was also part of a team of firefighters who in 2015 volunteered to provide firefighting training and equipment for a remote village in Nepal.

Martin Harris
Martin has been a volunteer for over 22 years with the RFS and 12 years with the SES.  Martin is currently the President of the Rivers Volunteer Bushfire Brigade providing a high-level conduit between the 2 services who are co-located at Rivers. Martin’s commitment includes building training props, providing assistance to volunteers to attain their truck licences, facilitating training, supporting the social side of the unit at BBQs and events and, most importantly, he is there as a support, a mentor and a leader.  He spends further time at the facility with constant and ongoing maintenance of the shed and grounds across the unit’s entire property including beautifying through major landscaping, irrigation, mowing and tending the garden. Martin has been a volunteer for fire and rescue in motor sport for the past 15 years, as well as previously being a sports trainer for ACT Rugby for 26 years, until 2013


Heike Apps
Heike is a volunteer MAPS supervisor with ACT Emergency Services. She has been selected as a finalist in recognition of outstanding service across a wide range of volunteer roles. These include taking responsibility for executive roles when needed, conducting training, accepting interstate deployments (for example, volunteering for both the Tasmanian and Victorian fires in early 2019). Heike has played a key role in prevention, preparation and community engagement. She is also an active member of two NSW RFS brigades, a cartographic editor for Journal of Maps and held a previous volunteer role as a director with Cave Divers Association of Australia.  


Colin Pedersen
Colin has been a volunteer with the ACT Emergency Service for more than a decade. As a former commander and senior member of the Rivers Unit he provides mentoring and guidance to new members as well as both general and specialised training. Colin was responsible for setting up the Storm Water and Damage training facility for safe working at heights operations that is also used for rescue challenge scenarios. He has volunteered for local and interstate deployment including in the Lockyer Valley floods in 2011. The relationships that he has fostered have strengthened his Unit and Emergency Service.
Julia Rozycka
As a volunteer Julia is Commander with the Piallago ACT State Emergency Services Unit and has been a volunteer since 2009. Her work in the volunteer Incident Management Team supports SES, RFA and ACT Ambulance. She makes a contribution both through the operational side of the unit as well as participating in SES related roles in community events. She is involved through her work in supporting mental health services, drug and alcohol and community justice. Julia volunteers with the Polish community supporting elderly people in shopping and other outings as well as being an office holder for the Polish Community Club.
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